Storage of Files

All costs to your practice can be charged by you, to your client as outlay.

Fileaway will provide your practice with an invoice for each file that is stored. This is a legitimate cost which can be passed onto your clients in the form of outlay resulting in ZERO cost to your practice. Click here to see sample letter which can be given to clients which will explain the costs.

Cost includes:

  • Provision of secure sealable envelope (Each envelope can only be used once ensuring that its contents are tamper proof).
  • Collection of all files from your premises.
  • Storage for 12 years
  • Shredding of files on instructions from your practice

Total cost per file = €25 excluding Vat, (€30.75 inc. Vat)

(see sample invoice)

Retrieval of Files

The cost of retrieving a file back from storage is €10 excluding Vat, (€12.30 inc. Vat). This includes the cost of sending the file to you via tracked DX. It also includes the cost of returning the file to the warehouse when ready

Current Files

Click here to see costs associated with Fileaway clearing all files you currently have stored in your office

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Secure Storage

All files are stored in state of the art warehouse buildings boasting a total of 60,000 feet of storage.



Fileaway will use tracked DX to ensure that the file is delivered to you by 9am the next working day.


Irish Law Awards

Fileaway are delighted to have been nominated in the Law Firm Innovation Award category.


How it Works

Fileaway provides your practice with secure plastic envelopes. These envelopes will be labeled with all of your practices details, including your DX number.



All costs to your practice can be charged by you, to your client as outlay.



We currently have a number of positions available in our warehouse